Infant Program

6-18 Weeks

Young infants need the emotional security that comes from close relationships with primary caregivers. They are in a stage of rapid development that includes the integration of sensory, motor, social/emotional, language and cognitive systems.

At Kiddee Korner, we aim to provide a warm, safe, healthy and loving environment that nurtures the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of our infants. Our highly qualified staff provides individualized and responsive care throughout the day.  Our infant/staff ratio of 1:4 guarantees plenty one-to-one interaction.

Babies sleep, eat and play at their own time, following a personalized plan established by both the parent and caregiver.  This is continually updated to meet the baby’s developmental needs. A daily log is recorded and shared with the parent at the end of the day indicating how much your child has eaten, length of naps, number of diaper changes, and other pertinent information about how his/her day went.

A typical day in our infant rooms consists of singing, picture book time, story time, listening to music, tummy time, physical coordination activities like playing peek-a-boo, practicing rolling over, exploring outdoors (when the weather permits), and art. Our goal is to provide a stimulating environment for infants on the move with age-appropriate toys and activities including soft blocks, mirrors, sensory tables, and pull-toys – all designed to encourage infant development through exploration and interaction

Our infant rooms host a wide assortment of safety-approved cribs, mobile activity, play and pack units, rocking chairs for feeding, changing tables, and everything our staff needs to take excellent care of your infant baby.

In our infant program, we offer the security of knowing your child will be loved and nurtured every moment in our care. You can also rest assure that our teachers/caregivers will follow whatever schedule you keep at home, giving your baby the sense that this is a comfortable home away from home.

Infant Nutrition

Kiddee Korner provides formula (Enfamil with iron), infant cereal, vegetable and fruit, or parents may choose to bring their own pumped breast milk, formula or food. Nursing mothers are encouraged to come in at any time to nurse their infants in our private space for nursing moms, and all parents are welcomed to visit their infants at any time of the day.


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